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Sea life stuff (2)

Is there anything nicer than receiving a huge package in the mail? A while ago I finally got around to doing something I have been wanting to do for absolutely ages, it wasn’t until Shane and I visited Sealife in London (see blog post here!) that I realised it was about time I actually made it happen. I adopted a Sand Tiger Shark! I’m a bit of a Shark lover (a bit being an understatement..) and helping organisations and conservation projects with Sharks is a big thing for me and something I want to really pursue throughout my life. I was always a little unsure about those charities that claim to help but the money never fully goes towards the cause so when we visited Sealife I saw an adoption package offer to adopt an animal from the aquarium. The Shark I adopted is called Zippy and he was really the king of the Tank. Everyone who came to see the Shark’s were amazed by him, especially when he was feeding! He is so beautiful.

Sea life stuff (8)Pretty printed tote bag design!

Adopting a Shark means I’ve contributed to important conservation work such as Sealife’s campaigns to stop over fishing in the UK and sea pollution and helping protect other Sharks in the wild and the oceans in which they live with the Shark Trust fund. Not only do I have the satisfaction that I have helped in some way they also sent me a little adoption package which was really cute and lovely!

Sea life stuff (4)1. Cotton carrier tote bag 2. Fluffy sea star beanie toy 3. Adoption certificates, tickets and photos 4. Sea Life notebook and pencil 5. shark adoption wristband

I was really surprised with the adoption package, it came with so many sweet little things that I really wasn’t expecting. The tote bag and star fish are my favourite, I freaking love starfish! So he’s sweet and so soft. Something I’ve been meaning to get is a new tote bag, I have one that I altered from college but I wanted a sturdier one that has thicker straps to it. Now when I’m thrifting or food shopping I know this bag will be my little carrier. It’s so cute and happy! Notebooks and wristbands always make me smile.

Sea life stuff (6) Sea life stuff (10) Sea life stuff (13)

The fact sheet made me giggle a bit. It’s funny to think of a grizzly shark slipping a sneaky fart occasionally. The adoption information came with some really nice photo’s and a pair of complimentary tickets to revisit and see Zippy again :) They have a Shark diving encounter there which I’m a little too interested in, for 125.00 pounds it seems a little hectic. But how awesome would it be to swim with a shark you adopted!

If you want to get involved and adopt your own shark or check out the other animals up for adoption click here! Or just want to fill your brains with interesting information and explore some more of Sealife’s creatures then go here. Bye! XO


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