Easter Break

Easter break means I’m home for the long weekend! It’s been glorious having nothing too important to do. Sleeping in till’ 10am instead of my usual 7am starts was such a treat this morning. I’ve actually had time to relax, make a really good lunch for myself and get a few odd bits and bobs done, in-between catching up with mumma and what’s been going on at the Homestead. Simple things that I just don’t get time for any more are being well and truly exploited this weekend that’s for sure! I won’t lie, I’ve been in mums onesie since I got in last night and I don’t plan to ever leave it..

So what’s on my to-do list this weekend? Bread making, gore-fest movie watching, crochet projects, Summer planning with Katie and lots of silliness with the siblings. And ofcourse, all the chocolate eating my sensitive teeth will endure! Hope you have a lovely Easer weekend! XO


One thought on “Easter Break

  1. Delia Ridgway Cook says:

    With only Easter Day itself off, I plan on all the above in one hectic, choc filled, indulgence day. Plus of course, a visit to all my little cookies to deliver what the Easter Bunny left at mine… (if I haven’t had mice by then :() ) xxx

I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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