An afternoon for Archery..

IMG_3828If I was a bit more organized with blogging about my travels to South Africa last year then you all would have known I love a bit of archery now and again, and even have a pretty good shot (sometimes!) So it’s no surprise how excited I was to finally have a go off Shane’s new bow, he’s had it a while now but because our work schedules are so hectic it was only the other week that we both had time to go over to the farm and shoot some arrows! It was cold on our fingers but so much fun. Being a competitive pair meant we were striving to out shoot one another’s targets which went on till the sun went down! It’s made me want my own bow and arrow set JUST LIKE HIS (cause he’s always joking that I copy him!)

IMG_3837Little victory dance at finally hitting the target! The target was made from a pizza box (bfs parents own a pizza shop..i know i know, jealous much?) propped up from a hay bag and a stick to hold it up. A bit lame but we’ve already discussed how awesome it would be to create our own zombies out of chicken wire and papier mache, walking dead eat your heart out! Which is totally something we’re thinking of doing in this coming Summer. For now, this works!

IMG_3841IMG_3847See that target? Yeah they were all my arrows baby! It was cold and tough on my fingers but damn worth it. It’s just too much fun! Shane’s mum even had a go when she popped over for fire wood. I’m sounding very country now aren’t I? I’m really keen to get back out to the Farm and have another whack at it with Shane, as it’s something he does far more often than I do and I don’t want to be slacking on my obvious hidden talents.. ;)

IMG_3864It’s still way too cold to go out without being all snuggle-buggled, many many layers are needed for an afternoon of archery! After we were done being awesome (ha!) we got our cosy on with massive mugs of tea and an episode or two of The Walking Dead. Perfect end to the afternoon xo


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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