bullet points

IMG_3889Oh wow, we’re past our first quarter of the way through 2013! I haven’t felt like time is flying past like I usually do but I put this down to being super busy all the time and squeezing in my daily life with my work schedule makes me feel like the days are never ending. Which is a good thing really.

At the beginning of the year I made a hell of a lot of resolutions, some big goals that take time to carry out and some small goals I can tick off easily as I go along, most of my small goals are actually only jotted down in my notebook, too silly for MFH! I’ve since gone through some, had a rethink about others and ticked off a bunch too! As a frequent list keeper I’m forever adding and taking from the goals I set myself, forever adding more and continuously keeping myself aiming for higher things. No wonder I’m always busy!

I’ve come to a conclusion that some of my resolutions are a bit vague or too basic, like being positive should be an all time thing. by having it on the list it’s not really a goal but more of a reminder to stay happy, positive and thankful for lots of things in my life. Which I am!IMG_3901

  • I completed a week long detox at the beginning of March, originally I aimed for 2 weeks like I had previously done at the end of last year but I wasn’t properly prepared for the detox I had previously done so instead did a week of juicing, soups and broths. End result had me feeling fuller for longer, trim and that super healthy feeling that I love. Definitely doing it again for those benefits.
  • I’ve purchased The Master TEFL Course and will be starting this in a few days, so excited to start and work towards getting my cert! Working abroad teaching English has been in my brain for a couple of years now. It’s also something that I think will make  travelling a lot easier with this qualification on my back, should I need any extra cash or like a place long enough to live/work there.
  • I’ve been travelling back and forth to the UK a lot this year, twice in two months! Which is rare for me, working full time means I’m able to regularly see my loved ones back home. Next visit will be this May! The next adventures after that are Spain and Hungary.
  • I’ve taken up sending letters across the globe once more, sending snail mail is a favourite past time. I used to regularly snail for about 6-7 years to my best friend in England. I miss writing physical letters to friends and family, taking the time to write is a a little bit of calm for my soul and I love sending trinkets and cute things to friends.
  • Shane and I took our first holiday ‘abroad’ together last January, visiting London and all the sights. And ultimately, the big one.. my family over there! The first of many little trips away together we hope!
  • I’ve given up sugar and those god awful sweeteners completely. Tea is bloody yummy without it. Coffee is now a treat to myself every once in a while if I’m passing coffee shops on the way to work! I like it this way.
  • Mushrooms are making a little appearance in my diet more, to the point where I even like how they taste! I still haven’t tried mushroom soup but I’m keen!
  • My happy list is something I regularly revise for sweet little reminders when Adult Life is getting too hectic. I’m yet to share it on MFH but I’m pretty sure it will be laugh-able, some of the things that make me genuinely happy are so ridiculous.. i.e,  blueberries or bullet points make me happy…(i know..weirdo!)
  • Ultimately, the big goal. Travelling the globe. Now I’ve been made permanent in my job (hurray!) this means I can really crack down on saving more and more. I’m good with saving but it was hard before when I wasn’t in a full time job. Now that’s happened, I can really see an awesome future ahead of me.

It’s been a bit of a roller ride learning to deal with my work life vs home life and finding time to squeeze in all those extra little things I used to do regularly, like draw or spend all day at my sewing machine. It used to really bother me, I felt like I was loosing myself with this new life that had sprung up on me but hey, that’s being an adult I suppose. I can still do these things, I just have to make time for it in-between the thousand and one things I do every week! Rome wasn’t built in a day and all.. I’ll get there! XO


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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