Life lately

I’ve been finding myself falling back onto old things, habits and memories lately. I guess that sorta happens from time to time. I’ve been revisiting old bands and compiling playlists for when it’s quiet at work. Alkaline Trio have made their way back into my life and I truly missed them. My style is slowly falling back to the safe layers of sheer blacks and grey jumpers, leather jackets and boots to work. It’s just easier to layer up and be comfortable at work really.
Life is as usual, busy and for the most part boring. I’ve adopted to going out a lot after work for beers and chill out time with work friends. One of our friends recently left the company so Friday was a really fun night of pool, bowling, many many shots and lots of dancing at the very funky Bodega nightclub in cork to celebrate his time with us and my birthday after midnight. It was such a fun night!
Turning twenty-four is horrible. I miss saying twenty-three. Maybe I’ll pretend I still am for a while. Young at heart and all! I hope to get more on top of blogging, I’ve been too useless at updating and things that should have been put up are sitting around in folders.. I’ve even been asked on a few occasions about my 365 project when I’m out and about, which is so awesome and lovely but it makes me realise how little I update this thing! That must change. I am still yet to update about my last trip to the Uk and recent big plans that have taken place..Life needs to stop being so busy! XO

I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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