Ramblings of a sarcastic nature

instagramwarning; grump alert!
You know those mornings when you just woken up but you can’t physically drag your overly-tired ass out of bed for all that is Holy? Yeah today morning was one of those mornings. I could not find the will in me to leave my bed, let alone the house for work. I took too long waking my dead-to-the-world body up, leaving little to no time to find something to wear that I was actually comfortable in. Which resulted in missing my train and inevitably the only chance I had at getting to work on time. In amongst all of this extremely stressful and difficult decision making between my will to work and my will to sleep I realised just how utterly shit I actually felt. Pms was the deal breaker there. Better to be a whiny grumpy bitch at here than at work! I ended up staying put and working from home but at the same time putting up with my agonizing lower half battlin’ it out with what feels like WW3 going down in there.  Nurofen can suck it. Tmi? Sorry, for what feels like forever now (and is in fact 10 days and counting) I’ve been waging a war not only with the general shittyness of being a female but far worse, with my constant troubled molars. Toothache from hell AND pms as the cherry on top? Why me like! My next dentist appointment couldn’t come sooner.
This week has been more than fabulous for my mood as you could quite imagine! Probably too cranky of a post for MFH but oh well. Maybe you got a giggle. xo

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