D.I.Y & Tutorials

2012: Craft Project 52.

wk1. Make your own Leather Bound Notebook.
wk2. Secret Book Safe DIY
wk3. Make your own beautiful gemstone rings **SIMPLES!**
wk4. Matching Moustace necklace and keyring
wk5. Valentines inspired gifts to make.
wk6. Fabric Print your own Canvas bag!
wk7. Make up bag tutorial.
wk8. Creative Tile art
k9. Make your own CUTE miniature book necklace.
wk10. Hand painted Moustache Mug! 
wk11. Geometric colour mood board 
wk12. Silver studded shorts DIY
wk13. Map wallet DIY
k14. Make your own Botanical Calender
wk15: Galaxy Print tee tutorial
k16: DIY Floral Antlers Necklace Display
wk17: Vintage style Jewellery Ring display case
wk18: Make a cute vintage style cover for your passport! (or book!)
k52: DIY birds nest necklace
wk53: DIY Bow Necklace

Crafty Tutorials

How to make Bath Bombs like LUSH
Nick and Norah style handmade CD case & artwork (Includes Video how-to)
Ty-dye fabric DC case project
Easy pretty paper covers for CDS
How to make Fabric Bunting for Summer
Colourful Melted Wax on Canvas project
How to create a beautiful Batik from Wax
Easy birthday inspired paper printed bunting project
Foam stamps made from an old Yoga mat & Cardboard
Printing with Potatoes (Birthday wrapping paper project)
Stained glass baby jars makes sweet tea lights
A little scrapbooking wisdom/motivation from yours truly..
Some scrapbook pages
Potato printed starry curtains
Freaky Makeup ideas & pictures for Halloween from my time at the Nightmare Realm

Completed past projects

Handmade and hand painted Cat tshirt! (2012)
Sickly pink tutu for my little sister (2012)
Fawn plush toy inspired by Skunkboy Creatures
Baby Owl plush toy project
Embroidery using sewing machines (Pillow case design work)
Cute print & cut out RV Calender
Fabric tote bag for all your woolies
1st birthday blanket using patchwork
Crochet Socks
Patchwork quilt (patterned) 2012
My first ever patchwork quilt!

Fashion Related Tutorials
(Part of Elsie’s Project Restyle group on Flickr)

Handmade sweetheart dress! (2012)

Quirky Tshirt designing using fabric pens
Turn your unwanted hoodies into quirky backpacks!
Make a free flowing festival dress from scratch 
Easy dip bleach your Summer shorts
Sweet baby girl dress made from a babies vest
Easy to alter floral dress (step-by-step)
Make your own Shift dress *easy*
DIY felted baby boots, christmas placemats
Turning vintage bed covers into cute high waist skirts
Handmade Elephant print dress
Crochet flower headband
Crochet Ipod cozies
Recycle tshirts into yarn for crochet crafts *including ty-dye*
How to Ty-dye (Step by step tute)

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