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Sea life stuff (2)

Is there anything nicer than receiving a huge package in the mail? A while ago I finally got around to doing something I have been wanting to do for absolutely ages, it wasn’t until Shane and I visited Sealife in London (see blog post here!) that I realised it was about time I actually made it happen. I adopted a Sand Tiger Shark! I’m a bit of a Shark lover (a bit being an understatement..) and helping organisations and conservation projects with Sharks is a big thing for me and something I want to really pursue throughout my life. I was always a little unsure about those charities that claim to help but the money never fully goes towards the cause so when we visited Sealife I saw an adoption package offer to adopt an animal from the aquarium. The Shark I adopted is called Zippy and he was really the king of the Tank. Everyone who came to see the Shark’s were amazed by him, especially when he was feeding! He is so beautiful.

Sea life stuff (8)Pretty printed tote bag design!

Adopting a Shark means I’ve contributed to important conservation work such as Sealife’s campaigns to stop over fishing in the UK and sea pollution and helping protect other Sharks in the wild and the oceans in which they live with the Shark Trust fund. Not only do I have the satisfaction that I have helped in some way they also sent me a little adoption package which was really cute and lovely!

Sea life stuff (4)1. Cotton carrier tote bag 2. Fluffy sea star beanie toy 3. Adoption certificates, tickets and photos 4. Sea Life notebook and pencil 5. shark adoption wristband

I was really surprised with the adoption package, it came with so many sweet little things that I really wasn’t expecting. The tote bag and star fish are my favourite, I freaking love starfish! So he’s sweet and so soft. Something I’ve been meaning to get is a new tote bag, I have one that I altered from college but I wanted a sturdier one that has thicker straps to it. Now when I’m thrifting or food shopping I know this bag will be my little carrier. It’s so cute and happy! Notebooks and wristbands always make me smile.

Sea life stuff (6) Sea life stuff (10) Sea life stuff (13)

The fact sheet made me giggle a bit. It’s funny to think of a grizzly shark slipping a sneaky fart occasionally. The adoption information came with some really nice photo’s and a pair of complimentary tickets to revisit and see Zippy again :) They have a Shark diving encounter there which I’m a little too interested in, for 125.00 pounds it seems a little hectic. But how awesome would it be to swim with a shark you adopted!

If you want to get involved and adopt your own shark or check out the other animals up for adoption click here! Or just want to fill your brains with interesting information and explore some more of Sealife’s creatures then go here. Bye! XO


I must have dodged the January blues and they came after me.

cuteI don’t want to be miserable or negative on my blog as there’s enough bullshit out there as it is, the last thing I want to do is complain about things that are truthfully, more than likely trivial silly feelings that will eventually fizzle out and fix itself in its own time. Life just feels a little out of my control lately. I’ve grown too used to my routine of sleep-work-sleep with no time for fun or crafting, family time or in general just enjoying the little things in life. It’s all been really getting to me. I miss having a warm breakfast with my boyfriend, going for walks or wandering abouts the countryside with my camera around my neck. I miss my bedroom and seeing my little sister everyday, even if she is the devil. I miss late nights with Shane – watching film after film and then being so excited we can’t sleep so we talk till the sun comes up. I miss actual face time with my mum and not via a computer screen.

I miss having real time for me, not rushed scheduled time based around the clock and what hour I need to sleep in order to be refreshed for work the next day. Don’t get me wrong I’m fully aware how lucky I am that I even have a job, I’m just finding it hard to juggle everything in a nice balance. Miserable seems to be my make up lately. I can already hear the judgements..that’s life Sylv, get over it! Its bloody hard when misery sets in.

The nicest thing lately about my early morning starts is that now the sun is up before me and the weather is slowly getting nicer (and even a little bit warmer). I don’t know if it’s just one of those crappy weeks (as I’ve seen around the blogosphere lots of people seem to be having a rough time too) but it’s hit me hard!

I need to cheer the fuck up really.

Until then, things that have been helping me through the crappy moments are knowing the weekend is only days away, talking to Katie, listening to Burgh Island and discovering a beautifully delicate musican Keaton Henson. I need cuddles and lots of them.


IMG_3739I won’t lie to you, I spend all week dreaming of all the things to do for my weekend break and plan so many lovely little things but by the time Friday night comes around I’m too tired for anything and I usually just end up spending my weekend indoors trawling blogs, maybe writing a blog post of my own and chilling in eating and watching horror films on Netflix. Then I complain when Monday creeps up faster than you can say UGH!

Today was unplanned and wonderful. I slept for just the right amount – something that I don’t get to do much at all any more. I picked out a cute outfit rather than just throwing on the comfiest (and usually the baggiest) things at hand. Myself and Darla went for a little rummage in our local charity shop which is such a charming little place. The exterior is like something from Paris with its rustic duck egg blue painted walls and tall but quaint windows and delicate topiary trees beside each door.  We went in to find bedsheets and ‘mom’ jeans (high waisted faded denims) and came out with two pairs of what I can only describe as office pants with the pinstripe pattern and tweed browns. I had planned to crop them up to high waisted shorts but ended up strangely liking them enough to want to keep them as they are. Can’t really go wrong for 50c each!


Next followed a trip to our local tattoo shop and then coffees and soup at an adorable cafe for a discussion about our impending future. We can’t go anywhere without a tattoo shop or a coffees being thrown into the equation. Cobh is such a beautiful town and full of charm. Some times during the Summer it looks like some parts of America with it’s palm trees and salty air. Afterwards I made my way down to the supermarket and stocked up on yummu muesli and went a little overboard filling my basket with raspberries bananas and blueberries, which all fit snugly into my new favourite tote bag that Sealife kindly gifted me a while ago. Cute!IMG_3768IMG_3771

My best part about today was finding and buying the film 500 Days of Summer! I was only saying this morning how I love the film but have never actually seen it.. just knowing Joseph and Zooey are in it is enough to win me or anyone with half a brain over, plus you just cannot look on Tumblr without seeing at least a million stills from the film. I’m really looking forward to finally watching it tonight when my boy gets in from work. I can only imagine it will jumpstart my old obsession with all things Zooey.  I’ve also been baking up a storm today, a blueberry storm to be precise! I made this amazing blueberry cake and boy does it taste good! Far too yummy for it’s own good. I also made another fruity little treat for my weekly breakfasts but more on that later! I think I’ve eaten my weight in raspberries and blueberries today. Time to chill to some Ben Howard and await my precious to come home.XO

Resolutions 2013: Visit a walk through Aquarium

Obviously we were the tourist types for our day trip around London a few weeks ago, seeing the London Eye and playing spot the landmark.. We spent half our day in London oogling the amazing fishies at London’s Sealife Aquarium. I hadn’t been there since my Primary School days so it was like seeing everything with fresh eyes. I was a bit disappointed with the Ocean tunnel, I always remembered it being longer (I was smaller back then so maybe that was it!).

The animals were mesmerising, I was transfixed by the huge jellyfish tanks. They were so beautiful and elegant slowly slinking around in their tanks with their colourful bodies changing against the lights (I have some really trippy jelly fish videos too!). We also went in this hurricane simulator tunnel for a bit, it was strange having everyone watch us get our faces blown off but it was fun, really cold and SO WINDY! again, I took another video of that moment which is fun to watch as my hair is literally all over the place.


As timing goes I think we chose it perfectly to visit the Sharks, we got up there just in time to see them feed which was really interesting, totally not something you see in the likes of big shark documentaries as these gentle giants didn’t seem too bothered by the dinner that was on offer, carefully circling the dead fish before having a chomp off it. Hearing everyone egging on the Sand Tiger Shark as he went for the bait was funny, lots of kiddies shouting oooh’s and ahhh’s.

I was so blown away by the sharks, seeing them in such a huge cluster was one of the best sights in the entire Aquarium. The Shark tank is really big which covered a few floors with higher windows to look in through and even had a cage like viewing area to get a sense of how it would feel to be inside a cage staring out at these giants. There was 16 different type of Shark there and I think it was clear that every bodies favourite was the Sand Tiger Sharks, with teeth so large they can’t close their mouths so they swam around with big toothy grins making them seem just a little bit sinister!

Some of my favourite moments from the Aquarium were seeing the awesome jellyfish, the Shark walk and Ocean tunnel were brilliant, the graceful manta rays and the giant turtles were amazing and clearly the king of the tanks. I finally got to touch a live jellyfish which is something I was dying to do back when I was in Africa (yay!). The Piranha swarming in their clusters, seeing poison dart frogs in real life and realising just how tiny they really are..The aquarium was a delight both for us and my inner shutterbug, so many different colours and shapes, smells and sounds and beautiful mind blowing animals. If you live or will be near London at any stage I would definitely go if you haven’t already.


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Cakes and kittens

IMG_3526I believe treating one self when one is sick is an absolute must. I’ve been ill with the flu for longer than I expected now, I’m getting well and truly fed up with it too. Good moments and bad moments are not something I want to judge the rest of my day by. I spotted these little bath cakes down at my (now) local chemist whilst I was getting my anti-inflam tablets. At the time I was craving cake so they instantly went into my basket. They look so cute and smell even better. That purple one with stars is Juicy fruit and the pink lavender one is a ‘bedtime’ one. I’m yet to try them so for now they’ve been little eye pleasers.

Lately I’ve been slowly collecting up some wardrobe essentials, mainly gearing up towards summer. Long flared jeans (because lets be honest, we won’t be having a bare legged Summer) cream crochet cardigans that sway as you walk and the odd kitty Cat moon top I just had to have which have all been the newest members to my tiny corner of Shane’s wardrobe. I’m still yet to blog about Camden and my fashion finds from there but that’s for another day, for now.. CATS! This top is so soft and obviously awesome. I’m not even going to lie I’ve already done that face by lifting the cats face up to my own and pretending like it would be an awesome picture.

IMG_3535I can’t wait for it to be Summer time and my hair to grow even just a little bit longer. I miss having long hazy days and real time off to relax and make all the things my mind has been craving lately. I’m dying to get crafty. I can’t believe it’s come to that point in my life where I actually have to schedule my crafty times for far away and ofcourse around my work schedule. Oh life. Summer will have me whizzing up a storm on my hopefully then fixed sewing machine. I have a list of things I want to make (and a bunch of diys for MFH!) I miss it a little too much. Until then it’s back to the day dreams and note making. Happy weekend! XO



Fort night

FORT (1) FORT (96) FORT (101)These photo’s go back about a year now.. possibly more. There was a lightning storm outside that night, I made a makeshift fort for my little brother to sit and read in it whilst the storm passed. I ended up being a little silly myself and taking a bunch of shots like these. I can’t remember what I was aiming for when I took these but I’m guessing ethereal or slightly Alice in Wonderland-esque (middle pic)

I’m currently dealing with a horrid viral infection and have been feeling a little worse for wear the last few days. Blood tests tomorrow and then its rest up until I feel better. This weekend I’ll be acting in a music video for a Cork-based band which I’m super excited for. Not sure how much I’m allowed to say/if anything at all but it will be awesome none the less. Something to look forward too any way. I hope your week is better than mine! XO

Resolutions 2013: Visit the UK again


At the end of last month Shane and I took a little break and went to London to see the sights, my family and friends over there. It was Shane and I’s first holiday away together so we were quite excited (see excited faces below!) You might have seen a few peeks from my new London Journal I made before for the trip over to document everything. Well that’s still in process but the holiday is long gone! I’m only getting around to blogging about it now because my life is really busy all the time. Because our work schedules we went for a long weekend, leaving Thursday night and coming home Monday night.

IMG_3514Super excited faces and an interesting flight over to London made this photo one of our favourites from the collection, how ever silly we both look! Below, my dad and Shane toasting in my old home town high street. Piglet my dad’s fluffy little cat (who’s almost older than myself!)

IMG_3383 IMG_2984

We managed to squeeze a hell of a lot in such a short space and managed to spent lots of time with some of my most favourite people in the world. We visited my dad who then Shane met for the first time and went for lunch and dinner with my lovely aunts, uncles and cousins during our weekend visit. I finally got to meet some little cousins of mine who I had never met as the last time I was in England they weren’t even born! So meeting them was so wonderful, my little cousins Hendry and Albie (the cutie-pie pictured directly below) are such a pair of cuties. Possibly even the cutest kiddies I’ve ever come across and Hendry’s so smart and funny!

IMG_3387 Fuse IMG_3403

Look at Hendrys cheeky little face! He was so sweet. IMG_3497

As well as Shane meeting my family he also finally meet my best friend Montana! Which was really awesome as I have wanted them both to meet for the last three years! I tell you there was a serious amount of quality time happening with my bestie, we met up every chance we could as she’s leaving the country for a year (or two’s) worth of globe-trotting in a few months. We’re already planning a return so I can get some more BFF time in with her before she flies away on the journey of a lifetime! It was a really good weekend and we both had lots of fun, so looking forward to returning though as five days really isn’t long enough when it comes to family and friends!

IMG_3493 - CopyBelow, more sillyness from yours truly. We had a few minutes spare before going to lunch with Montana so naturally we spent it in the most mature of ways like adults would. Roundy mirrors are fun and make you look ten times sillier than normal. London and everyone I love over there, I miss you! XO