Resolutions 2013

be positive ~ make everyday a good day ~ go to the cinema by myself ~ make more time for skype dates ~ new tattoo ~ detox every three months ~ be more decisive ~ complete another scrapbook ~ take a class in something ~ meet marie ~ save money to travel more ~ Prague for my birthday ~ read a classic book ~ driving lessons ~ keep a list of the books I read in 2013 ~ write to elspeth ~ fix my sewing machine or buy a new one ~ complete a tefl course ~ make more ~ craft more ~ do more ~ learn more ~ cook more ~ Dentist visits ~ visit Budapest ~ Visit the UK again ~ do something awesome for mums 50th ~ go to a museum and sketch ~ make and put something for sale online ~ buy more beautiful books ~ be really good at my job ~ write to lewis ~ visit montana ~ buy a space upgrade for my blog ~ make more use of my free time and weekends ~ visit a walk through aquarium again ~ join a club ~ take up a new hobby ~ buy an amazing pair of boots ~ make patchwork curtains ~ dress really well often ~ give blood ~ blog about my south africa and mozambique travels ~ send more photographs ~ visit my dad ~ take care of myself ~ Return to Africa and swim with sharks ~ Give mushrooms a chance! ~ Get a professional massage at a spa ~ Develop my everyday photography ~ Keep a list of things that make me happy ~ avoid sugar in my coffee ~ visit Montana again before she leaves for her travels ~


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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