Easter Break

Easter break means I’m home for the long weekend! It’s been glorious having nothing too important to do. Sleeping in till’ 10am instead of my usual 7am starts was such a treat this morning. I’ve actually had time to relax, make a really good lunch for myself and get a few odd bits and bobs done, in-between catching up with mumma and what’s been going on at the Homestead. Simple things that I just don’t get time for any more are being well and truly exploited this weekend that’s for sure! I won’t lie, I’ve been in mums onesie since I got in last night and I don’t plan to ever leave it..

So what’s on my to-do list this weekend? Bread making, gore-fest movie watching, crochet projects, Summer planning with Katie and lots of silliness with the siblings. And ofcourse, all the chocolate eating my sensitive teeth will endure! Hope you have a lovely Easer weekend! XO


Resolutions 2013: Visit the UK again


At the end of last month Shane and I took a little break and went to London to see the sights, my family and friends over there. It was Shane and I’s first holiday away together so we were quite excited (see excited faces below!) You might have seen a few peeks from my new London Journal I made before for the trip over to document everything. Well that’s still in process but the holiday is long gone! I’m only getting around to blogging about it now because my life is really busy all the time. Because our work schedules we went for a long weekend, leaving Thursday night and coming home Monday night.

IMG_3514Super excited faces and an interesting flight over to London made this photo one of our favourites from the collection, how ever silly we both look! Below, my dad and Shane toasting in my old home town high street. Piglet my dad’s fluffy little cat (who’s almost older than myself!)

IMG_3383 IMG_2984

We managed to squeeze a hell of a lot in such a short space and managed to spent lots of time with some of my most favourite people in the world. We visited my dad who then Shane met for the first time and went for lunch and dinner with my lovely aunts, uncles and cousins during our weekend visit. I finally got to meet some little cousins of mine who I had never met as the last time I was in England they weren’t even born! So meeting them was so wonderful, my little cousins Hendry and Albie (the cutie-pie pictured directly below) are such a pair of cuties. Possibly even the cutest kiddies I’ve ever come across and Hendry’s so smart and funny!

IMG_3387 Fuse IMG_3403

Look at Hendrys cheeky little face! He was so sweet. IMG_3497

As well as Shane meeting my family he also finally meet my best friend Montana! Which was really awesome as I have wanted them both to meet for the last three years! I tell you there was a serious amount of quality time happening with my bestie, we met up every chance we could as she’s leaving the country for a year (or two’s) worth of globe-trotting in a few months. We’re already planning a return so I can get some more BFF time in with her before she flies away on the journey of a lifetime! It was a really good weekend and we both had lots of fun, so looking forward to returning though as five days really isn’t long enough when it comes to family and friends!

IMG_3493 - CopyBelow, more sillyness from yours truly. We had a few minutes spare before going to lunch with Montana so naturally we spent it in the most mature of ways like adults would. Roundy mirrors are fun and make you look ten times sillier than normal. London and everyone I love over there, I miss you! XO


Goodbye 2012!

2012 SRW ©

So it’s the last day of 2012 and guess what? This morning I finished my 365 project! I’ve been doing this project all year (duh) but it’s something that I’ve kept away from the blogosphere both unintentionally and then on purpose. I’m going to be revealing my favourite parts of the project and sharing my thoughts on the whole process (a year long daily project is a long time!) and eventually sharing the entire project on my blog but that’s all for another blog post sometime in the near future.

For now I just wanted to stop by and thank you all for your continued support to my little corner of the blog world. I may not be the best blogger out there but I enjoy sharing my life and my little crafty projects for you all to get inspired about. I love each and everyone of you who stop by to read my ramblings. Thank you thank you thank you! Just knowing my blog is any way of an inspiration to someone is wonderful. I hope where ever you are you have a lovely New Years Eve and ring in 2013 in style. I will be enjoying a few (ha!) rum & cokes with my boyfriend and thinking of my little brother who turns the big 21 tonight at 12.01.

This is my last post of 2012, sob! I have lots planned for both My Fabric Heart and my life in 2013, it’s going to be one amazing year. See you in 2013! XO

Season’s Greetings


Just a little Christmas message to all the lovely readers who read my blog, wishing you all love, joy and warmth this holiday season.

We’ve been having such a lovely day here at the homestead, surrounded by loved ones and yummy foodie comforts. I hope you are able to do the same.

Have a very Merry Christmas. XO

November so far

With the Winter creeping in on us slowly but surely, the days are still beautiful but oh so cold. Frosted windows and icy air means more warm layers and big mugs of coffee to soothe my achy bones. I treated myself to some winter boots and a thick burgundy scarf to keep me going this Winter. It supposed to be a cold one!I love these boots, I can’t stop wearing them. For Primark they are super cozy and so easy to slip in and walk. I’m tempted to buy a second pair as I know Primark aren’t the best for lasting footwear.. We’ll see. My most recent read is The Shadow of The Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafón, only a few chapters in I know this book will be a favourite.Speaking of favourites, fresh fruit salad with museli and yoghurt with a good cuppa is one of my favourite ways to start the day. That or dippy egg on toast. Yummy!I’ve been continuing on my South Africa scrapbook a little, mostly done before work last month just tweaking some pages and adding some more colour. I want to buy myself a watercolour paint set…maybe with my next pay check? I miss painting, I did a lot of it out in Africa and really grew to love using watercolours. One day I’ll upload my scrapbook and show it all here. Until then, snippets will have to do! XO

DIY Jewellery Ring Display Case

This diy was kind of unexpected. It wouldn’t of happened had I not had this random slide box that my mum gave me a while ago or had about about a metre worth of memory foam spare from a previous project. The box was awesome but it was scribbled on and some spots of ink had ruined the interior so she gave it to me in hope that I would find something to do with it. Seeing from my last DIY that I had about a million rings left lying around it got me thinking about a place to put them, hence the birth of this very unexpected tutorial..

What you will need: A box (mine was a slide box but it could be any container or even a cute vintage tin!) some paint, cardboard* foam, cotton fabric, scissors, glue gun, sewing machine or needle and thread.

Step one. Because my box was so ruined I painted it pale pink and left it overnight to dry. *If your container has no compartment spaces like mine did you can make them using cardboard and covering with fabric. Step two. Gather your memory foam and cut out some rectangles, roll them up and measure how many you will need for your compartments. I needed 6 rolls for four compartments.

Leave your newly covered rolls to the side and gather your fabric to get started on covering the inside compartments. I wanted to cover the wood to make it look a little nicer. You will need your glue gun and a flat iron for this part.

And your finished! For such a simple tutorial it makes an effective looking ring display case, and not to mention cute! I even padded the opening of the box so the rings would sit nice and snug even when the box is closed or being carried around. Have fun creating this one! :) XO

Rainy Days

It’s days like these that call for long bubble baths, comfy pajamas, a big mug of coffee and settling down to watch a good film nestled in the warmth of your blankets. That’s exactly what I will be doing tonight, I’ve made some time to blog because I know I haven’t been the best with updating my little site! I blame all of this on the fact that my entire family have gone a bit loopy for redecorating and making sure the house is ship shape for the arrival of dear old Grannie who is staying with us from England for the next week. You’d think we were having the Queen over the way mum was fretting about! As well as the weather being a total lame-o, walking to work in the lashing rain and making sure I’m doing my running each day makes for a very tired Sylvie. So I’m sorry it’s been quiet around My Fabric Heart. I do love each and everyone one of you readers and a big hello to the number of new followers I’ve gained! Where have all you lovelies come from? :]

Taken earlier via my Instagram, follow me! (@sylvieepops)

Some perks of the week have been; Making two new pen-pals of sorts! I’ve wanted to do a sweet-swap for a long time and last night this happened! So I will be swapping sweets with the States and England and I will be returning the favour with some much loved irish goodies :) Making lots of pretty new diys that I will be sharing with you all soon! (I’ve been a crafty git in my spare time!) Long luxurious bubble baths to ease my muscle pains in our newly renovated bathroom and using up the last of my Lush bath bombs from my Christmas tin! Getting along with Gran and having lots of chats about my upcoming travels!  XO