Coffee & Crochet

The weather has been a bit chilly this week so the last two days have been spent inside filling up with hot coffee, crochet projects, films and a good old clearout! Feels good to get rid of junk! I found a few things I was sure I had lost, like my fingerless crochet gloves I made last year  and I  found a new home for my mamooth collection of dvds, under my bed in a rather large drawer. On Tuesday night Tiggy decided to curl up with me and watch Coraline. It’s a regular thing he likes to do, come in to my room and snuggle down watching cute films together. Coraline is his newest favourite and he’s gone mad about buttons since watching it! During the film I managed to finish one Ipod cozy and get halfways through another, which I finished last night whilst watching The Dark Knight! I have four completed cosies now (all made since friday!) and Ive started another grey one and want to try a new type of wool I found yesterday during my clearout. It’s blue and reaally soft :)
After Coraline we played with sparklers on a really slow shutter speed, so I obviously had to go and make those cliche heart shapes using the sparklers. They came out rather nice actually and I like it! Tigs didn’t really grasp the idea that you had to move slowly (and spell stuff backwards) so his was a bit all over the place! Seeing as the weather has perked up a little today and if I can get away from my crochet hook I might take a little stroll up and around the woods again when Tigs is back from school. No doubt we’ll come back with more collections of crap we don’t need! Have a lovely day :) XO


2 thoughts on “Coffee & Crochet

  1. Hollie Shuck says:

    what lovely colours choosen for your ipod covers sylvie, i only wish i could crochet. I adore your blog please visit mine? -Hollie xXx

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